Best place to visit along the costa brava

Best place to visit along the costa brava

Costa is the amalgamation of Catalan and Spanish word that means ‘coast,’ and Brava means ‘rugged’ or ‘wild.’ This term is used to promote tourism in the region of Catalonia in Spain. This place is considered as the best tourism destination and exotic country in Europe due to its dreamy beaches, amazing fun nightlife, snowy mountains, and desserts. 

 This is historically rich, and many numerous festivals are taking place here. Anyone can fall in love with its coves of paradise, natural parks, and charming towns. This Costa Brava is the combination of nature and coastline with culture and medieval history. If you want to enjoy Location costa brava’s beauty and tranquillity of the Mediterranean Sea, this is the best place to visit.

It is tough to pick one place in Costa Brava because this place is full of beautiful towns and villages. This article will describe to you the famous spots along Costa Brava and will help you to find the destination according to your choice. Here are some great places that belong to Costa Brava.


Pals is a very charming village of the Costa Brava and located on the hilltop. You can fall in love from its medieval look and build around a forest. It is famous for its historical interest sites, and many gastronomic and cultural events are organized for the entertainment of people. 


beautiful Mediterranean town with a rich heritage and unique location is known as Roses, which is located around the most mesmerizing beaches and natural parks. A pentagonal military fortress, a monument of the massive La Ciudadela, and the archaeological sites of Greek are the most famous places in the town of Roses. Two famous natural parks have also become the attraction of tourists. 

Tossa de Mar

This is a rare town where you can enjoy the waves of the Sea, and the breathtaking views of medieval history are known as Tossa de Mar. It is known as the last fortified medieval town of the Costa Brava. You can find the thriving restaurants, cobblestone pedestrian street, and charming views of the Costa Brava behind the tall wall. Platja beach is an excellent place for those who want to entertain by colorful boats, specifically in summer.

Calella de Palafrugell

A small village near Costa Brava with white houses, wooden boats on the beach, narrow streets, and little coves is known as Calella de Palafrugell. It possesses a magical ambience. Botanical gardens, a castle of Cap Roig, and few well-relaxed beaches make this place is the best destination to experience an unforgettable holiday.


Blanes is a village that is formed by the Fishermans and its rocky coves, ancient churches, gorgeous beaches, impressive landmarks, and plenty of restaurants that can make a mesmerizing tourist place for tourists. Fishing ports on the Costa Brava and relaxed atmosphere discriminates this village from others and provides the best environment for families. You can also enjoy the climbing on San Juan Hill. The biggest international fireworks festival is held in this village.

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