Comfortable And Home-Like Hotels In Lampung

Comfortable And Home-Like Hotels In Lampung

If you’ve been to Jakarta and Bali and are wondering where else to go in Indonesia then you must consider going to Bandar Lampung. Unlike Jakarta, Lampung is a small city. It has a more relaxed atmosphere and is perfect if you’re looking for a place to spend a quiet time. Many predict that it will soon be another top Indonesian tourist destination. So now is the perfect time to visit the place. Another interesting thing about Lampung is the abundance of home-like accommodations. What follows is a list of comfortable and home-like hotels in Lampung.

RedDoorz Hotel

RedDoorz hotels are known for always giving a homey vibe to their guests. One of the reasons for this is the simple elegance that characterizes their rooms. Their rooms may not have the fanciest decors and the most luxurious rooms. But they are always clean and comfy. This is not to say that RedDoorz doesn’t provide modern conveniences. On the contrary, RedDoorz is a tech-enabled hotel. All of their rooms have free Wi-Fi and satellite TV. But the true source of the homey feel of RedDoorz hotel is the very friendly and accommodating staff. From the moment you step into a RedDoorz hotel, you will already feel the warmth that is sadly lacking from other hotels.

Batiqa Hotel

Despite being a large hotel, Batiqa still manages to offer a home like experience to its guests. Their rooms are Indonesian-inspired. But even foreigners will sense a feeling of familiarity when staying in them. The staff is very hospitable. They treat their guests not as strangers but as friends or even family. And that’s the real secret to the home-like feel of the hotel. The rooms are always clean and comfortable and the food that they serve has a home-cooked quality that will make you feel warm inside. If you want to have a home-like experience in a modern hotel, then you should book a room at Batiqa.

Bamboe Inn Homestay

For a real home-like experience in Bandung then why don’t you ditch the traditional hotels and book a room in a homestay instead. And one that is worth considering is the Bamboe Inn Homestay in Bandar. Their large family room is perfect for big groups. The place has a shared kitchen where you can prepare your own meals and a shared lounge where you can relax and meet other travelers. The rooms are simple but clean and the overall mood in the hotel is casual like in a dorm or a shared apartment. And it is also one of the most affordable accommodation options in Bandung.

Pop! Hotel

Pop! Hotel has a very colorful exterior and interior. It has a very youthful vibe. But the young and old alike will surely feel at home there. It is definitely one of the most interesting hotels in Bandung and is worth checking out if you’re visiting the city. It also has a wonderful location because it is close to the shopping centers and restaurants in the area.

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