How Unique Packaging for belt make good Impact on Customer?

How Unique Packaging for belt make good Impact on Customer?

Belts hold up our dresses and help us to dress fashionably. Thin strips of cloth and leather; who knew they would be one of the most iconic symbols of the modern fashion. What is makes these belts so popular? Why do people buy one type of belt over another? What differentiates them, even if their function is the same? The answer to that is the role played by packaging. Boxes for belts are the main reason behind belt sales, and they serve to influence the choice of the customers. That is how we get the establishment of brands like Paul Smith, Versace and Dolce, and Gabbana.

Whenever you go to buy a belt, what do you look for? What is the deciding force behind your decision to buy a particular belt? How to differentiate between a good and a bad belt?

75% of consumers say that they judge the quality of the product based on the physical presence of the product. If the belt boxis well constructed and looks attractive, it will lead to a sale. See, the quality of the product is not visible. What we can see in the box in which the item is placed. this places a big responsibility on the manufacturers to get the packaging right.

Why is Packaging Important?

Before we look at the impact of a good package, we need to see the importance of these wrapping materials. 

They help to prevent any harm to items. Belts require very careful storage. The leather can be damaged by excessive exposure to sunlight, moisture, or changes in temperature. Belt box storage is specially designed to prevent any harm to the product.

It helps the belts to be transported, stored and displayed in a very effective manner. These boxes are stable enough to prevent any damage to the belt during these phases. They are compact and stable, helping them to be transported and displayed very easily.

The last function of packaging is perhaps the most important. We all know that the packing container is supposed to provide functional support to the items. But what we don’t know is the role of these very boxes in influencing the customer in making a sale. How do they do this? By creating an impact on the customer.

How does Packaging create an Impact on the Customer?

There is a saying in the marketing industry. It goes like this, “we shop with our eyes”. And that phrase defines the importance of product presentation. What is the first thing that we see about a product on a shelf?

We see the packaging. And that is the moment in which the item has to create an impact. It takes a customer about 7 seconds to decide the worth of a product based on the way it is presented. The visual stimulus provided by the wrapping is the key influencer in any sale. 

Therefore, to make sure that this visual impact is on point, companies spend many millions every single year trying to get it right.

The same goes for the packing for belts.

Ways in which packaging impacts the customer

So how do these companies ensure that the simple boxes they are using to present their customers are making an impact? The proof is sales and brand following. The reason behind all the rebranding campaigns carried out by large companies is to find the best form of packaging for them and to keep reminding the people of their items. 

Let’s look at some of how unique packaging impacts customers.

  • Packaging conveys brand attributes.
    Branding is the process by which large companies make sure that they are recognized by the customer, and have a strong customer following. The brand design of the company includes its logo, the company colors, the slogan or motto and important information about the product. People will recognize the unique packaging and buy the product. What better example than the red design of coca-cola, which is now the most recognized brand in the world.
  • It determines the worth of the product.
    Well, we have discussed how packaging is supposed to create a positive impression of the consumer and tell them that the product is worth buying. The famous velvet jewelry box used by tiffany and Co. is a prime example of this impact. As for belts, we see how Prada uses customized leather boxes for its most expensive belts and a range of attractive boxes for its other varieties.
  • It makes the customer feel special.
    How does that happen? Well, the customer buys a product that is presented in a beautiful ad aesthetically designed box. They will receive it and feel valued. Custom designed belt boxes used by these brands are textured and designed in a way to make the customer feel like they have bought a quality product. The impact of a gift depends on the gift box. similarly, the impact of the product depends on the packet. The company makes the customer believe that they have received a belt gift box, even though they paid for it.

These three impacts of packaging are used to create a positive impression on the customer. They will feel that they have bought something special. And that feeling will compel them to keep buying from the same company in the future as well.

The whole purpose of customizing luxury apparel boxes is to make sure that the customer recognizes the product and buys it based on customer loyalty and the impact of the packaging. You can make sure that the packaging of your belt has a good impact on the customer by using a variety of techniques. Just remember, the more unique your designs for your belt packages, the more recognizable you will be in the market.

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