Important Misconceptions about Software Testing that we need to know

Important Misconceptions about Software Testing that we need to know

The most crucial part in the software industry for the development of software products is none other than software testing. Testing is a craft which is mostly misunderstood by the people other than this field.It’s the responsibility of testers to keep an eye on the quality of software products, while ensuring that the whole team is adopting it. People who don’t belong to this industry or even those who do, may perceive things about testing which are not factually and actually true.

Automation testing companies are no doubt doing their best in automating but still this industry is having some misconceptions.

Here we’ll discuss out some of the important misconceptions about the software testing;

  • Testers broke the softwares

A common misconception, which falls apart is that many industry people consider that testers break softwares. There is no such magical-bug insertion tool within the developer’s machine or system, which testers have. 

Tester may have done something which wasn’t expected by the developers. It might be “ running the software on the system without the installation of all the prerequisites” as the developer may not have realized the installation of prerequisites in the test system. That’s the point where “but it works on my machine” comes. 

  • Tech skills – testers don’t have

There are many testers who may not have proper technical knowledge and there are those testers also who can outperform even the talented developers. Every field has its own underlying demands, so does testing too. Developers utilize their technical expertise and skills to come with a solution for the problems pertaining to the user experience.Whereas, testers utilize their skills to analyze the fitness of the solution presented to them. They are responsible to figure out the gaps and glitches that don’t seem to fit the problem. 

It’s not literally a matter of comparison between testers and developers in terms of their technical knowledge and skills, rather the thing that matter is, the skills they possess are a good fit for the tasks they are required to perform.

  • Testing can detect all the bugs

Expecting 100% accuracy from testers is something injustice. Testers are not telepaths. They can try their best but they can’t be sure what actually their customers expect from them. 

  • Learning a lot of automation tools – provide better results

Testers are bombarded with a pool full of tools but this doesn’t mean that every tool needs to get in use. You need to be very careful in deciding which tool be used for testing purposes, that best aligns with your requirements.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, It’s very challenging, if you find someone around yourself thinking that these misconceptions are all true. But you need to remain calm. As nobody ever likes to hear that they are doing “wrong” yet criticism is best to get ahead in your job. So stay at peace and learn to grow even from the misconceptions people have.

Author Bio: As a Senior Marketing Consultant at Kualitatem, Ray Parker loves to write tech-related news, articles, specifically quality assurance and information security. Apart from his techie appearance, he enjoys soccer, reading mysteries, and spending long hours working over at the New York office.

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