Learn How to Apply Eye Makeup in Simple Easy Steps

Learn How to Apply Eye Makeup in Simple Easy Steps

It is quick to apply eye shadow. Yet finding the best way to apply eye makeup is not a simple task. How do you choose your eye colour and skin tone for the right shade? Using the right eye shadow brush? Which colour to use in the palette of eyeshadows?We know it’s easy to get confused about the best ways to make your eyes pop, so here is a 5-step guide to show you how to treat all those eyeliners, mascaras, and shadows, regardless of the shape or colour of your skin.

Start with great brushes for eye makeup.

There is a reason why make-up artists use brushes to apply eye shadow makeup rather than fingertips. Invest in a couple of good beauty brushes to make up smooth, precise and hygienic. It is very

Cover the lids with a base eye shadow shade

It is one of the most important steps and it is not advisable to skip. Applya base shade that is light throughout your lids using an eyeshadow brush. You can also use glittery shades for the eyes if you want a sparkling look. If you want a dark Smokey eye makeup look, colour the base till your brow bone. 

When your eyes are open, apply the colour in the crease of your eye, and work down the line of the lash. So, you’re never going to overshoot the crease or end up with sloppy lines.

Concentrate in the eye crease with a deeper shadow.

Dark shades attract light, so putting a darker shadow shade in the eye’s crease helps the eyes pop by adding depth and dimension to the right spot exactly.Dip a dome brush into a dark shadow to get the look and sweep it right along the eye socket, following the outline of your eye between your brow bone and eyelid. A deep brown colour is a flattering choice, regardless of the colour of your hair. If you have hooded eyes, when your eyes are open, your upper lid will cover most of your ear screen.

Alternatively, begin by opening your eyes and using your brush to mark where you want to start the dark colour to be clear. Then close your eyes and blend them smooth.

Rim your lash lines in a dark colour

When applied correctly, eyeliner will make the lashes look darker and thicker but if you don’t want eyeliner, you can give that look using dark-coloured eye shadow along the edges which gives the same effect.

Highlight with a shimmering shadow.

Let your brows shine and add lift directly under the brow by applying a shimmering light eyeshadow or pencil. To brighten things up, apply the same pearly light colour to the inner corner of the eye. Replace our favourite mascara with a few taps, and you’re ready to go. By following these simple steps, you achieve whatever look you wanted easily. There are a lot of eye shadow palettes available on MyGlamm which help you to get a perfect look. They have a wide variety of options available including the international collections like Manish Malhotra Collection, Daniel Bauer, Cory Walia, Pose Collection, Lit Collection, and K. Play Collection.

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