Ordering food for pregnant ladies in train

Ordering food for pregnant ladies in train

To be pregnant is the happiest moment in a women’s life. This condition includes a large number of responsibilities and there are many more things as well. There must be extensive care, yoga and that lady must take a very healthy and balanced diet which is good for both them as well as for her baby. There are many companies that have relived the stress of such couples to depend upon the pantry food and on the other kinds of unhygienic meals at the stations. The train food delivery provides them with a couple of options to order food from so that there is no compromise with the health of the lady

Following are some of the options which can be ordered by the people during their travel:

  • Roti with aloo sabzi: this is the best meal rich in protein and vitamins which can be ordered by the people during their journey. People have a myth that potatoes are not healthy but in reality it is not so. One can visit the website, call them on customer care number or can even send a text message to order food online just by providing them with the details like PNR number and the seat number.
  • Dosa: this is another good option which can be considered for ordering. This is also rich in fibers and vitamins which is good for the pregnant lady. These have very good flavor and if the person is south Indian then she will definitely go with this option.
  • Khichdi: this is a healthy mixture of dal and rice and is considered very good for the health. This includes great amounts of iron which is good during pregnancy. This can be very easily digested and is very good in taste.
  • Soups: one can even order soups like tomato soup which is rich in minerals like iron and vitamin C. This has low fat content and low cholesterol levels as well. This is very good for blood and glowing skin.
  • Pasta: in order to avoid boredom one can also order items like vegetable pasta. This is very healthy. This will help to change the tastes for good during pregnancy. This is very much rich in proteins and carbs and is good for health. One can enjoy this meal and the journey as well by placing the order for this online through website, text message or placing a call on the customer care numbers.

One must carry the full medicines box along with them during the journey and this must be kept in hand bag and not beneath the luggage. One must pack the bags early as last moment rush is not advisable. One must also avoid getting down from the train again and again at all stations. One must even reach the platform before time with proper verification of the platform on which train will come as last moment rush is not good for health. One can even carry toffees and chewing gums to avoid nausea.

Thus there must be proper care for the ladies who are pregnant during the whole journey.

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