Report Shows 15 Best U.S. Cities to Start a Business

Report Shows 15 Best U.S. Cities to Start a Business

According to the online financial comparison site, Lantern Credit, “when selecting a business’ location, not all places are created equal,” but, if you’re in Texas, “you’ve definitely got quite a few options!”

Despite current political and medical climates, business applications pour in. Seeing this, the company did the research and released a list of the 15 best U.S. cities to start a business. Note the first three.

Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi gets high marks in affordable office space, cost of living, and in businesses holding consistent monthly sales. Corpus Christi boasts beaches and a temperate climate.

Lubbock, TX

Lubbock remains one of Texas’s finest places for new business. Its culture entails a diverse musical history, thriving nightlife and tons of recreation.

Arlington, TX

Arlington is home to the Cowboys and Rangers. Its entertainment complex boasts bars and fine dining. With so much in Arlington, expect to attract top talent to a new business.

Buffalo, NY

Niagara Falls, the Bills, and a growing beer scene are reasons to get a business up and running in Buffalo. Visitors and residents are a hop, skip and jump from Toronto.

Plano, TX

Plano has a small-town vibe with metropolitan flair. It’s an alluring locale for new employees seeking a thriving urban scene.

Irvine, CA

Irvine has high employment rates, diversity and a strong median income. Located in Orange County, Irvine offers Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and LA’s iconic sites and beaches.

Durham, NC

Durham has award-winning universities, celebrated food scene, rich history, diversity and inclusivity. The city strongly supports both black-owned business and young entrepreneurs.

Tampa, FL

A peak Florida destination, Tampa has Riverwalk, delicious food, beautiful outdoor spaces and amusement parks. For entrepreneurs looking to grow a family and start a gulf coast business, Tampa’s attractive.

Pittsburgh, PA

The crossroads of three major rivers meet at Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh holds a rep for being unpretentious and loves building new business.

Orlando, FL

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are two attractions in a state saturated with must-visit sites. Hopeful business owners looking for year-round patronage want to explore Orlando.

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is alluring and practical for business owners. It hosts the Research Triangle, a center of three college towns. Raleigh is a draw for the educated and visitors seeking Southern history.

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis has gorgeous lakes and a network of glass-enclosed skyways, ensuring consistent access to numerous shops and restaurants regardless of the season. A business here has access to all that Northern Midwest offers.

Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is classic Midwest, THE quintessential sports town. Cincinnati offers new businesses a centralized location and easy access to Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Anaheim, CA

Anaheim is an attractive spot for new business. A thriving lifestyle will draw in talented people looking for employment in many fields.

Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert’s proximity to Phoenix makes it a crossroad of working professionals. Gilbert has rich opportunity for entrepreneurs sharing creative ideas with a growing community.

Once a location’s been picked, solidify your credibility. Compiling small business grants, your Lantern Credit report on best cities to start a business investments, savings and other certifications will be the start of your dream.

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