The Complex World of Betting Made Easy

The Complex World of Betting Made Easy

Betting is tough, horse race betting is even tougher than average. It’s hard for veterans nevermind for beginners. If you bet well though, there is a potential to do really well with it. Otherwise it can be an enjoyable addition to sporting events to add that extra sprinkle of excitement. What is important to remember is that when you are betting that it remains manageable and you shouldn’t take it too far – after all, it is meant to be a bit of fun. Knowing what to put on your selection when it comes to betting is easier said than done however. With such a large betting market and particularly with horse racing betting, it can often feel quite overwhelming – especially for beginners – to know where to even start. But not to worry that is why we are here. In this article we are going to explore the complex world of betting and make it that little bit easier. 


Knowing your odds is the first basic and elementary level betting knowledge you need to be aware of. Knowing how odds work is your first step to winning when you are betting. The shorter the odds, the less the return. This is known to the bookies and wider community as a favourite. The longer the odds the less chance of the competitor winning – according to the bookies – and these selections are known as outsiders. It is up to the bookies what odds they provide for the likelihood that a certain outcome will occur. However, it’s worth reminding that the favourites actually only win ⅓ of the time when it comes to horse racing so regardless of the bookies prediction you always have a chance of winning when you don’t select the favourite. Finding the best odds for your selection is important. What is equally important is being realistic about your selection, it’s worth noting that a 60/1 selection is likely not going to land – but if you have done your research adequately and feel comfortable gambling your money on the horse then there is no reason not to. In addition to making your own betting decisions, there are lots of tips and predictions you can get access to such as the Gold Cup day predictions.

Type of selection 

As sports betting has developed in recent decades, the market has expanded to astronomical levels with online gambling giving people insanely large markets to choose from. With such a great selection on offer it’s important to know that you have various options and different avenues in which you can explore before making your mind up on your selection. With a single bet to a Lucky 15 on offer, there is so much available to punters. It is generally helpful to remember that, unless you are betting for pure fun with little regard for losing money and your selection, then you should stay away from large accumulators. The unpredictable nature of horse racing means that multiple large accumulators have almost no chance of coming off and whilst the allure of great cash prizes draw people in, it is much wiser to accumulate smaller cash prizes more frequently by using single, double or treble bets which are much more likely to land. Knowing the market and using it to your advantage is imperative when it comes to gambling. Things like Each-Way betting are all things that an avid gambler should be aware of and as a beginner you should look into to learn exactly how they could aid you in your quest to bash the bookies. 


The most important part of betting is without a doubt doing your research. Whilst it can be fun to stick lucky gambles on, you are never going to consistently return winning selections. Instead, it is better to focus on doing your appropriate research and making a much more educated decision on your betting. There are two ways to research horse racing. Whilst both are effective, they are vastly different. 

i) Racecard:

Using a racecard to accurately source recent form, performance and trends in the stats is a great way to see the statistical nature of each and every horse racing at the racetrack on the day. By using these stats accurately you can gain a much better grasp of who is going to perform on the day. Of course you also need to consider the magnitude of the event and things like the weather conditions on the day but if you do your research using these racecards you will be sure to have adequate knowledge to make an informed decision about what selection you are making.

ii) Parade Ring:

Alternatively, many traditionalists believe that viewing a horse in the parade ring and using indicators such as coat sheen and body language are the best surefire way of accurately predicting how a horse will perform on race day. Many swear by this process and whilst it may take a knack, there is certainly something to be said about how this process can really churn out results for the old school veterans in the horse race gambling game. 

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