What to know about Mohammad Haris Nalapad?

What to know about Mohammad Haris Nalapad?

Here this article tells you about a most successful and popular businesses man called Sir Mohammad Haris NalapadWhen it comes to know about him, here he is not only a businessman also a politician of the Indian national congress and a member of the Karnataka assembly election. Here this word Nalapad is his name, so he started one of his group and hotel in the name of nalapad in 1978. Here in this article, you can get to know more about his success and life journeys. So to get all the information, just look up this article and know more about him.

What are the business groups occupied by him?

Based on his hard work and dedication, he has owned many business groups in his name. Before the owning of business, he has been taking government construction projects and started to work on them. So by step by step, he made more achievements and success, he started to give more dedication to the people. On behalf of this, he played a major role in creating nalapad business groups into nalapad pipes. Not only had this, but he also owned nalapad Suraksha, nalapad energy, and nalapad infotech in 1977. 

How did he elect to the Indian national congress?

Here coming to know about this, here through the family business, he started to get involved in Indian national congress with the help of k George, who is acting as a leader of Indian national congress. So at the age of 41, he was elected as an MLA from the Shanti Nagar assembly constituency. He has a foundation of charity, and so by this, he gained more votes in the election of 2008. He works more and giving more support to the foundation of children. He also provides scholarships to unprivileged students and organized many job fairs for them. Sir Mohammad Haris Nalapad has a helping mind to the poor people, so he started to give more supports and helped them in all ways. Therefore He won the seat by a margin of 19,000 votes in the year 2013 in the Karnataka assembly election. Noting but He was formerly working as the Chairman of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation and gained more peoples heart. He was formerly working as the Chairman of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation.

Despite becoming economically stable sir Mohammed was not satisfied and wanted to make achievements more of him. A few years later, Mohammed moved to Bangalore and set up his residence in Vijayanagar. Haris fulfilled his father’s dream and climbed the political ladder quickly. The Nalapad family’s business helped Haris rub shoulders with the who’s who of Karnataka, including another millionaire politician – the present Bengaluru Development Minister KJ George. The duo soon became close associates and started to work for the peoples. Haris gained popularity not only due to his close connections with the high command but also due to his charitable ventures. The family, which owns NA Haris Foundation, provides scholarships to underprivileged children and also organizes job fairs.

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