Why Kidney Transplant is Better than Dialysis?

Why Kidney Transplant is Better than Dialysis?

Kidneys are a very important organ in a human body because they remove a lot of waste from the body. They filter about 45 gallons of blood on a regular basis and so when they stop working the fluids and waste started to build up in a body. This can lead to a lot of issues like high blood pressure and kidney failure.

When someone is facing a chronic kidney disease they have 2 major options. One is, they can get a kidney transplant surgery and replace the older one with a healthy kidney from another donor. Or else, one can start doing dialysis which is a particular kind of a treatment where the blood gets filtered either by a machine or with a special tube from the belly.

The artificial kidney transplant cost in India is a bit expensive and many people think that it is a sort of the last resort when one runs out of every other option. But that is not the case. There are many people who prefer this transplant rather than going to a dialysis process.

It is said that the doctors always prefer a kidney transplant surgery. The reason behind it is very simple. People who get the transplant done generally live longer than those who opt for the dialysis process. If one gets a dialysis can live for like another 15 years, but if they are going for a transplant at an early age can live for at least 30 more years.

Apart from living long there are some other benefits that one gets from transplantation:

  • A better quality of life.
  • No spending of hours on a weekly basis to get dialysis and one can go back to their work as early as possible.
  • There are fewer limits on their diet.
  • There are fewer long term health issues than that of having dialysis.
  • There is more energy even after the surgery.
  • Dialysis can take a toll on the body. This can cause some other issues like anaemia and heart disease which hardly happens after the transplantation.

But though transplant is a better idea, there are many people who go for dialysis. This is purely for the reason that the number of people needing the transplant is way more than the number of donors. As a result, one has to wait for a long time to get a donor for kidney. For them, going for a dialysis is a kind of a life saver.

The kidney transplant in India for foreigners may be done but one may to fulfil a process and certain formalities.

There are also some people who may not get a transplant due to certain health conditions. Like, one is suffering from cancer and is being treated for it or infections that can keep coming back. It is also difficult for a person to get a transplant if one is suffering from severe heart diseases. Being overweight can also cause a problem in getting the surgery done successfully.

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